Do You Have a Writing Habit?

Writing prose could be as helpful as writing code.

Bullet journaling is my daily habit. I was inspired by the simple format and the promise for reflecting over the days, weeks, and years. “The Bullet Journal method” by Ryder Carroll is my guide.

Also, I write vue.js, cypress and/or golang code daily working on a web app passion project.

I really enjoy David Kadavy’s books and podcasts.

So I am super excited to be starting his free email course, “Build a writing habit with just 100 words a day":

So far, my 100 word habit is just for generating ideas on how to apply reading material to my life. But, I hope it can evolve into something grander.

My writing habit tech stack:

* [omnifocus]( * [bear]( * [streaks](

This post was inspired by a tweet from @FutureFounder.

P.S. Logged 151 words. Done for today!

Do you have a Writing Habit?

I would love to hear about your writing habit! Tweet me @ardith_falkner or post a quick comment on my original Indie Hacker’s post Do you have a writing habit?


Photo by Mark Fletcher-Brown on Unsplash